Thursday, 18 August 2016

Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest - deadline 30 August 2016

For those of my followers who are screenwriters, here are details of the Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest:

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Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest featuring Don Murphy

Win an A-List Screenwriter Experience and Gain Unparalleled Access
Do you think you can turn this logline from Don Murphy, Producer of the live-action Transformer movie franchise and Natural Born Killers into a killer script?
"After an accident, two science students stumble upon a discovery that could change the world for the better, placing them in the crosshairs of sinister forces who want to stop them by any means necessary." 

Working from this A-list logline, you're challenged to create up to the first 15 pages of an original script based on the given concept. Make it your own - drama, action, comedy... anywhere your imagination takes you

With an overall prize package exceeding $15,000 and a history of past finalists securing representation, the Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest is worth your consideration.

Contest Testimonials:
"Of all the screenplay competitions in which I have been fortunate to be a finalist, this contest has been the most rewarding to my growth as a screenwriter."
- Kenneth Lemm, Drum (Simon Kinberg Round)
"All in all, no matter what the outcome of the contest, you walk away with pages of valuable notes and a completed spec script. The perfect reward."
Stephen Judge, The Man-Up (Allan Loeb Round)
Contest options:
Want to get a head start on the competition? Get preliminary feedback on your 15-page entry using our Contest Feedback Option. With this professional service, you receive:
Overall Notes on your initial submission
A rating of Pass or Consider as a Finalist
A chart rating on Concept, Plot, Pacing/Structure, Format, Characters and Dialogue

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