Monday, 9 January 2012


Dawn, Paul and I met this evening for our first Writer's group this year.  Paul shared some new work from his novel 'Unholy Communion' which is now over 60k words!  He is really nailing his characterisation which, in turn, is really enhancing the action in his religious who-done-it.  Keep up the good work Paul.

I shared my new poem with the group but unfortunately I could not share my feedback on Neil's new piece (as posted on his blog) as he could not make the meeting.

Looking forward to meeting in a fortnight, where Dawn is hopefully sharing some more chapters from Sun Charm.

Here is my new poem, I hope you will like it:


Obsidian, the shadow spreads over all

Fragments of sky plummet

to shatter impotently

Acidic, the vice that stills

Pressing down the truth that

pulses through your veins

Breath, the effort to continue

Mind, the roadblock to time

the impenetrable sustenance

Regret, the only flavour as

steps cement to the earth

Sounds hitched to fragile tendrils

Eyes, too blurred with

memories a suitcase

filled to overflowing


  1. I love this poem, it's highly moving and evocative.

  2. PS - I've re-ordered the chapters for the Sun Charm, so i may end up sharing some new ones and ones you've seen before. I'm just wondering how many to send you as I've now written 32 chapters (most of them are first draft material though and need lots of work!) What do you think?

  3. I am so pleased you love the poem, I am quite pleased with it. I would love you to send me all the chapters of the Sun Charm whether they are first draft or not, as I can't wait to read them.

  4. Ok,I'm happy to send them, although please remember that I have deliberately not re-worked most of them and they still need a LOT of work to bring them up to scratch including more descriptions, more character development, etc. I've also identified several glaring errors and inconsistencies, which I will have to somehow put right!