Tuesday, 31 January 2012


At the weekend we went for a lovely meal at The Sun Inn, Lightcliffe, whilst our daughter was on her first Duke of Edinburgh weekend and our son was at a birthday sleepover.  It was a lovely romantic meal out where I had a delicious duck in orange sauce with bubble and squeak and Marcus had the house burger which was also excellent.  We finished the meal with their cheese platter which went very well with the bottle of zinfandel rose wine.  We watched our DVD copy of the fantastic film Super 8 (a true homage to how movies used to be with all the benefits of new techniques) which I urge you to watch as soon as you can (though it is probably too scary for anyone under 13).  All the child actors are fantastic (especially so because it is the first film for some of them) but Elle Fanning excels.

On Sunday when our son came home we introduced him to the original Footloose which still rocks, but unsurprisingly he thought the remake was better.  Our daughter came home tired and cold (due to the inside of her tent being frozen amongst other things) and very muddy, but I am extremely proud of her.

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  1. The meal sounded good, we will have to eat there sometime. I think I would have packed up and left early if my tent had frozen though!!