Saturday, 14 January 2012


Well, back to work this week (which I know is somewhat later than most of you), so not had much chance to blog.  So, I thought it prudent to update everyone on the highlights of my week.  My son has had two things of note this week, he passed his cycling proficiency (or bikeability as they call it now) and he has auditioned for a part in the up-coming play at his school, Peter Pan (will let you know if he is successful).  My daughter sat her Science exam, which she said everyone agreed was very hard and got her mathematics exam result back which we are very pleased with (only one grade below the highest she could get for the test).  I am very pleased and proud of both of them.

Also, went back to Master at Arms on Wednesday where we got the chance to shoot standing up at the range this week - this is a lot harder, trust me - and I booked a short break to visit my friend Shanti in London for a few days after I have finished work.

Dreaming of sunnier climes this week (must be the cold weather and the dark mornings), so will be looking into booking a holiday soon.

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