Sunday, 22 January 2012


Last night we went out for a family birthday to The Railway in Driglington and my husband and I tried the crocodile steaks that were on the menu.  We have had them before, but this time they were, unfortunately, overcooked, caked in cajun and smothered in hot salsa.  They really should have been cooked for a smaller length of time and maybe pan fried with chorizo (like they do with scallops) as the chicken/fish consistency of the meat lends itself to this.  Even my husband, who loves spicy food, felt that he had to eat the dish avoiding the salsa as the chef had been too spice-happy so, as you can imagine, I really struggled with it.  What a shame, as I had really been looking forward to it once I had ordered it.
This afternoon we watched the Man City and Man Utd games at our good friends Kevin and AJ's.  Excellent matches, but I was incensed that Mario Boletteli was not sent off for his deliberate stamping on Parker and to my mind he should have been sent off, therefore, he could not have scored the penalty as he should not have been on the pitch!

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