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Here is the latest Industrial Scripts newsletter for my followers to peruse:

For many screenwriters and filmmakers now toiling away in windowless basements and noisy cafés, the glitz and glam of awards season might seem a way away. But remember! Every story of "overnight" success is propped up by years of hard graft. And no-one grafts harder than you, right? Right. Let's do this.

Welcome to the latest content-packed Industrial Scripts newsletter.

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·         Genius Character Reveal: Ricky Baker (HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE)
·         Character-Driven: the latest content from our official blog

·         Spec-Spotter: news from around the world of script development

·         The IIL: who is our industry guest at next month's event?

·         Script X-Ray Ready: 20 great Script Development Services
·         Curated from Facebook: the best articles we found this month, scroll down
·         Online Courses: our full portfolio of online courses for writers

·         OVERDRIVE: our supportive community for writers & filmmakers
·         Flashback to: our interview with writer-director and Empire magazine contributing editor Nev Pierce
·         Quotes to Live By, That Awesome Scene, Script O' the Month, scroll down
IIL Guests are BAFTA Nominated
The announcement of this year's BAFTA nominations brought with it great joy here on IS Island as not one but three of our recent guests at The Insider Interviews LIVE received nominations. We'd also like to send a special shout-out to friend of IS Afolabi Kuti who was BAFTA-nommed for his short, HOME.

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The Genius, Multi-Conflict Opening of THE GODFATHER PART 2
The Lake Tahoe sequence that opens THE GODFATHER PART 2 is a veritable goldmine of dramatic conflict. We analyse its nine different conflict threads.

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OPINION: Flashbacks and the (Rare) Stories that Need Them
All too often flashbacks are the kiss of death for a screenplay, but some stories just can't be told any other way. The trick, as MANCHESTER BY THE SEA shows, is in knowing the difference. 

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Genius Character Reveal: Ricky Baker (HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE)
The heart-warming coming of age film HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE introduces would-be delinquent Ricky Baker in a masterful scene that balances comedy and drama.

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The Insider Interviews: Rebecca O'Brien
The BAFTA-nominated producer discusses her many collaborations with director Ken Loach, up to and including the Palme D'Or-winning UK hit I, DANIEL BLAKE.

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Industry-leading Script Development
With 20 script development services (+ OVERDRIVE), Industrial Scripts offers the largest range of reports for producers, writers and directors anywhere in the world. And with a 94+% client satisfaction rating across 700+ verified reviews, you know your project will be analysed with the utmost professionalism by us.

Some of our most popular services include:

·         Film Forensic Notes: delivers fully 14 pages of incredibly in-depth analysis.
·         Film Coverage Report: delivers 4+ pages of notes.
·         Script Doctoring: you set the exact brief, we re-write with your input.

·         "Which Logline?": you send loglines, we re-order them by potential.

Spec-Spotter: Industry Intel & News
A round-up of relevant industry news for screenwriters and filmmakers. Click the links below...

·         Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber to write high concept rom-com remake for Fox 2000 (Deadline
·         Mickey Fisher sells thriller pilot to NBC (The Wrap)
·         Rowan Athale sells futuristic dystopian adventure spec to Universal (THR
·         Alex Litvak sells heist thriller to LeVision Entertainment (Deadline)  
·         Joel Dorland's revenge script optioned, also being developed as graphic novel (THR
·         Jason Pagan & Andrew Deutschman sell pitch about supernatural phenomena to Amblin Partners (Deadline
·         Moira Buffini adapting Lucky Santangelo novels for Universal, Monumental and Working Title (Deadline
·         Joachim Rønning sells high concept science fiction pitch to Paramount Pictures (Deadline
Curated from Facebook

We often post carefully-selected articles from other media outlets on our Facebook page. Check out the following...

·         LOST IN LONDON: Woody Harrelson's live movie (The Guardian)
·         The Incredible-but-True Story of BLUE RUIN (Movie Maker)
·         500 Scripted Shows - Netflix, Amazon Sending Originals to All-Time Highs (THR)
·         Getting Financed, by the Producer of SWISS ARMY MAN (Movie Maker)
·         40 movies actually made better by studio interference (Total Film)
·         The worst movie auditions from A-list stars (The Guardian)
·         Michael Mann on his new cut of ALI (Deadline)
·         SEVEN screenwriter on a mix-up with David Fincher and its gutsy ending (THR)
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Client Reviews o' the Month

"The report we received is extremely well written and goes into much detail. We received a lot of helpful input that will improve the script and it is also very motivating to now work on it to bring it to the next level. All the feedback is very well explained and the editor always added recommendations on how to solve problems and improve the script. Very happy!  

- Anonymous, verified client review by unique PayPal Code, January 2017

"Very happy with my report. The reader went above and beyond and gave me much more than I was expecting which i was very grateful for. If anything, if made me think; allowed me to see the wood for the trees, which often becomes impossible when writing in isolation." 

- Max, verified client review by unique PayPal Code, January 2017  

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Our Online Courses Portfolio
Whether you're a new screenwriter looking to give your writing the best start, an advanced scribe looking to write the next great American TV script, or an author looking to craft the hit novel, we have an online course tailored to your needs. Check out our full course portfolio HERE or at the individual links below.

UK Courses & Events
At Industrial Scripts we run high-quality evening and 1-day training events which deliver serious value to participants. Our courses are tailored to suit the requirements of the industry, and are led by professionals with proven track records of success. Our current events include:

·         Effective Script Reading for Film & TV (1-day seminar)
·         The Insider Interviews LIVE (evening events)
Both events run regularly in London, and we plan to extensively expand our delivery of premium UK training in 2017 and beyond.

Who is next month's industry guest at The IIL?
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OVERDRIVE, our dedicated community for screenwriters and filmmakers, now has over 90 members and accepts applications year-round. Membership is strictly capped and vetted, and is for our most promising and committed clients only. Unique benefits include:

·         25% off all script development services.
·         Dedicated mentoring and support from bona fide literary agents.

·         Guaranteed 14-day turnaround on all script reports.
·         Access to the vetted members forum.
·         Free entry to The Insider Interviews LIVE, worth £140.
·         Free online courses, exclusive discounts, networking and more!

Promising writers, producers and directors can join at either Gold, Silver or Bronze level. To apply or learn more about the community just click below.

"The ability of writers to familiarise the strange, and mystify the familiar, is a test of their power." 

- Toni Morrison   
  Quotes to Live By  

"A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper."

- E B White 

"Important to remember that A) Everyone has a back story, B) Most of it isn't very interesting." 

 - Stephen King  
Script of the Month

Nominated for four Oscars including Best Original Screenplay, HELL OR HIGH WATER is a modern day Western about a duo of bank robbing brothers. Check out Taylor Sheridan's script, which placed on the 2012 Black List: 
The Random Tip

Every month we include an unorthodox tip relating to writing and creativity in general.

"Kill your darlings" is more than advice for editing. Drama and comedy alike depend on the writer's paradoxical ability to both love their characters and put them through misery. 
That Awesome Scene

We're avid YouTubers here at IS, and in honour of the sheer learning and discovery available on this beautiful creation, we look back at an amazing film or TV scene.

This month: THE HUSTLER
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