Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Cleckheaton Writers Group meeting 19/8/13

It was a very informative meeting last night. 

L, N and J had passed on their apologies, so it was D, P, D and I who were in attendance.  We started by catching up and discussing the work that we are currently working on.  D then shared an older piece of her writing, a children's story that her son had drawn beautiful illustrations for.

D then informed the group that she had learned that if you are registered as self-employed as a writer, you can claim tax back on all aspects of being a writer (courses, work not won, petrol etc.), not just freelance work that you get.  This led to a very interesting discussion as P had a lot of information on tax and the writer.  She also mentioned that the Writing Magazine has a section discussing this very subject in the September edition (out to buy now or can be viewed on-line www.writingmagazine.co.uk ).

D told the group that she had had one of her novels accepted by an Austrian publisher.  She explained where she had come across them on the internet and circulated her publishing contract for the members to read.  The publisher had also shown interest in her other work, so fingers crossed for D.  She promised to keep the members informed of the process as she has only just sent back the signed publishing contract.  Well done D.

P revealed the outline of the story that she is working on at the moment, a supernatural piece with an intriguing premise and we are all awaiting her bringing in some of it to share.  She also read out the piece that she, L and J had written together at the last CWG using the guidelines in her writing challenge and it was agreed that it was a useful exercise to incorporate into our fortnightly meetings.

I shared the information I had received on the Morley and Ilkley Literature Festivals and it was suggested that CWG members attend a free drop-in writer's advice session on 19 October 5-6.30pm as part of the Ilkley Festival.  All members wishing to attend are to car share and this will be arranged at a future meeting.  I offered to give a lift to anyone who will be attending the events I have tickets for, i.e. the Peter Robinson author talk on the evening of 12 September at Huddersfield Town Hall, the 7 Steps to Being a Writer event at Morley Library on the evening of 7 October and the Creative Writing Workshop at 2pm on 8 October.  I am also thinking of attending the Chris Ryan author talk on 28 August should any CWG member wish to go (please email me interest).  Full details of both Festivals can be found here:

www.morleyliteraturefestival.co.uk and www.ilkleyliteraturefestival.org.uk I will be posting the details of the Kirklees Library events for anyone wanting information on the Chris Ryan or Peter Robinson events tomorrow.

D asked if the group could look at the first section of the novel she is working on at the moment in regards to constructive feedback and it was agreed that she would email this to members with a view to discussion at the next meeting on 2 September 2013.

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