Monday, 13 May 2013

Cleckheaton Writer's Group 13 May 2013

Productive meeting of the Cleckheaton Writer's Group this evening where L, P and I were in attendance.  We started off by reading P's new short story with the working title 'Meet Joe' to give feedback and constructive criticism.  We agreed that her use of a repetitive phrase worked really well and that more should be added.  We even suggested that it might also be renamed with the repetitive phrase as the title.  P thinks that she may edit the tale down to a wordcount to fit a supernatural competition with a deadline later this year.

I then shared my 'ballad' that I will be adding to the beginning of my YA work in progress and the members agreed that it was a good way to foreshadow and help the reader to guess which of the three main characters will be the ones referred to.  They also believed that my idea to add a 'faerie tale' to the end of the manuscript was a good one, as this will foreshadow the second book and hopefully help to intrigue the reader.

L then outlined her final plot arc for her work in progress novel.  She has completed a comprehensive 23 point plot-line to work to, with some excellent twists.  As the book will be based in a real historic place in Scotland, her characters and locations will be enhanced by her research and grounded in an historic reality which can really draw the reader in.  We are looking forward to hearing the novel as it progresses.

Members will be attending the Mandasue Heller author talk at Cleckheaton Library on the evening of Tuesday 21 May 2013.

The next meeting of the Cleckheaton Writer's Group will take place on Tuesday 28 May 6-7.30pm due to the Bank Holiday.

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