Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Standing in Another Man's Grave

Finished this book last night (yes, that's right, reading it in bed) and I can honestly say I am sad it is over.  I really enjoyed the story and guessing 'who done it.'  I love Ian Rankin's Rebus and it was brilliant to spend time with him again (with the extra highlight of a sprinkle of his new creation, Malcolm Fox, thrown in for good measure).  The story was woven with his usual style of home-truths and atmosphere that make me want to book a trip to Scotland straight away (after all, the murders are only fiction). 

While Rebus is working in the closed-cases unit, considering applying for active service again, the mother of an old MisPer (missing person) suggests that the latest girl to go missing on the A9 may be the latest in a pattern of seemingly unconnected disappearances.  Investigations into the files, lead the team to discover that she may be right and that a serial killer may be at work.  Rebus' methods into uncovering the truth may just bring him even more trouble from the Complaints department and a certain Malcolm Fox.

I loved the little touches such as Rebus' sarcasm and the grounding of his character when forced to look at dolphins (or kelpies) with Clarke, that brought home to him the truth of his relationship with his daughter.  True-to-life dipictions in an outstanding mystery.

Hope he's already working on the next one.                                                  10/10

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