Sunday, 27 January 2013

So You Want to be a Writer application information

Alex Chilsholm has just forwarded me the following information that I thought would be of interest to my followers:

SO YOU WANT TO BE A WRITER? 2013 – 10th Anniversary Edition


For ten years the Playhouse has been running its free new writers’ course aimed at writers of any age with little or no experience of formal training or production. Over that time it has discovered some amazing writers: Alice Nutter, Tom Wells, Dom Grace, Ben Tagoe, Jodie Marshall and May Sumbwanyambe. This year it might be you! The course runs weekly on a Monday or Tuesday evening (7-9pm) from Monday 8 April leading to a showcase of short plays. It is lead by Mark Catley plus other experienced playwrights. In order to apply, submit a ONE A4 page letter telling us about yourself, why you want to write and why you want to join.


Participants should be available for all the following dates and be aware there will be a time commitment between sessions for writing, re-writing, research and attending rehearsals:


Monday April 8th                                  

Monday April 15th                               

Monday April 22nd                              

Monday April 29th                               

Tuesday May 7th                  


Showcase: Saturday 25th May


Deadline for applications is 5pm 8 March 2013. Successful applicants will be notified by 22 March.




Address for SYWTBAW applications

Alex Chisholm

Associate Director (Literary)

West Yorkshire Playhouse

Playhouse Square

Quarry Hill

Leeds LS2 7UP


Only postal applications will be accepted. No emails please.


Tips for applying:

1. This isn't a job application. Phrases like 'I am a goal-orientated individual deeply committed to a writing career' don’t tell us anything except that you can write formal letters. We want to hear what you sound like.


2. There is no 'right' format. We've taken people who have written short handwritten notes and full 1 page A4 close written type. It is how you write not what you use to write with that counts.


3. This is not the X factor. A sob story does not automatically mean inclusion. You may have had the most boring life ever but if you can write about yourself in an interesting way - you're in.


4. Don't write it in the form of a script. Every year someone tries. It never works.

5. This is not for people who are looking for an opportunity to develop a script they have already written - the script reading service is for that.


6. The course has a regional bias so the further away from Yorkshire you live the less likely it is that we will take you. We are not going to take someone from London for seven week evening course.


7. The course is aimed at people with little or no experience but that doesn't mean you are automatically disqualified if you have studied writing at any stage. We reserve the right to occasionally bend our own rules.

8. One of our aims is to try to get a diverse group of people together across age, background, gender and writing style. This is because we think the course works best with lots of different kinds of people rather than a group of all 21 year old college leavers. A lot of our applications do come from younger people just out of college however if that means we have to take fewer in that category the upside is there are usually more opportunities out there for young writers.

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