Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Years Resolutions

Like everyone seems to do at this time of year and I know most writers do, I am going to list my resolutions here in an attempt to force myself into keeping them :)

1)  Get my final edit for Thorde: The Keeper of the Trysk done for 1 February 2013
2)  Get Quantum Worlds to first draft by April 2013
3)  Enter more writing competitions and try to get an agent (involves getting more brave)
4)  Write more (sound familiar anyone?)
5)  Lose weight (involves joining my friend on a diet, exercising more and cutting down on drink)
6)  Do more walking (I love it when I do it, the weather conspires against me)
7)  Go to the theatre, movies and read more
8)  Organise more family treats (like camping, trips to London etc.)

Here's to keeping our resolutions.


  1. All of those sound like excellent resolutions - mine are very similar - here's to keeping our resolutions and becoming highly successful, super fit writers with lots of trips, shows and good books under our (tiny!) belts :) x