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Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival event In Space, No-One Can Hear You Scream, Friday 18 July 2pm

When is a novel not a crime novel crime? While the genre is Closely Associated With the drawing room and the dark alley, a new generation of writers are finding more crime stories in unusual places and producing Work That laughs in the face of easy shelving. 2014 programming chair Steve Mosby Discussed cross-genre crime fiction with Lauren Beukes, Sharon Bolton, James Smythe and Lavie Tidhar, four authors who are blurring the boundaries and confounding the categories.

Lauren Beukes Zoo City has written, The Shining Girls and Broken Monsters. Sharon Bolton has written Awakenings, Which was shortlisted for the Golden Dagger Crime Writing, and A Tale Dark and Twisted. James Smythe has written The Testimony, The Machine and is re-reading Stephen King - no harm can eat to a good man. 

Lavie Tidhar's book The Violent Century features superheroes and John le Carre in it and has written Osama Which borrows from the crime / thriller plot as a structure in That a Private Detective is hired by a strange woman to find the pulp writer who makes Osama a cult leader. I said it was fun to write and references famous crime novels and themes. I have Chandler is interested in the school and works in very obscure references (science fiction): such as The Big Sleep, Casablanca, monster movies etc. That grew out of a short story I wrote called 'Travels with Al Qeada.' In 1988 I and his wife stayed in the same hotel as the bombers did a month Earlier and then seem to be on the scene of atrocities. I prefers the short story as I hates writing long form writes novels and comics I have at the moment.

Sharon Bolton writes on the supernatural side of things and factotum believes That if you can not find the type of book you want to read, write it. She is interested in forensics and finds the classic police procedural a bit dull and likes the classic horror ghost story, so she tries to marry the two in a 'folklore meets forensics' way. She was a publicist and took a journalist from the Daily Mail out to lunch. It took a week to write a Mills & Boon and you can earn £ 15k for 100k words.

James Smythe is a prolific writer who reads anything and I wants to write what I likes to read and is Constantly jumping genre. I is responsible for the space book (2) as I wants it to be accessible to people.

Lauren has won a SF award for 'The Shining Girls' and feels she goes where the thoughts take her and she wanted to subvert the crime novel and make it about the women rather than the victims 'corpses pretty' thing.

Lavie Tidhar wanted to write about the terrorist attacks That Happened in an Ed McBain way, eg a clinical report of what Happened and Talked about the failure of research. For example, I can not find the brand of shoe That the shoe bomber used. I first wrote it as a screenplay and then as a book instead, so Were there lots of versions, rewrites and his next book is a sort of alternate history acerca Hitler's sex life Which is very hard to research.

In James Smythe's No Harm Can Come to a Good Man it is a political conspiracy thriller science fiction and I have used algorithms and called all election results before they 'happen. His question was what if 'What if I Told is this?' Which meant That His main character's life went south and I Could never be president and have a life event (his wife and teenage daughter are the plot A) Which Means That I can not see His daughter is falling apart, so it is a book acerca fate. I've joked That fate, entity and His teeth are three themes. I've Been Told That His book is like the Manchurian Candidate and I've taken 18 months to re-read Stephen King books 28. He Believes He Could Argue That The Machine is a novel of horror tropes updated with Frankenstein and I have a ghost story but I thought it is sure will change.

Sharon Bolton likes reading standalones but is now again writing characters as readers value on-going crime fiction with a character. When she wrote Now You See Me, the mystery of Lacy Flint, she wanted to go on with her story, she has done so. In Like This Forever the main character is Barney, an 11 year old boy with a single parent who Investigates Dad Which murders in boys like himself are the ones getting killed. Things begin to look like it is His Dad Committing the murders and I have to back-track to convinces himself That He is wrong.

Lauren feels she Tackled the birth of Detroit techno and the birth / death of the American Dream in Broken Monsters, but it is steeped in the present day as social media is the stage. Her books are seen as crime of science fiction, but she does not like categorisations, Thomas Harris her books are Stephen King writing meets Hill Street Blues.

The authors felt That a book lives or dies on the strength of Its story / character. Genre shouldnt count, but if it is it is Perceived Easier to sell to a crime audience, but if it is not and is miss-sold, you will feel burned.

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