Friday, 5 October 2012

Weekend at Hexham

We went away last weekend to Slaley Forest with our friends S and R and their children S & O.  We went to Alnwick Castle on the Saturday and were very lucky with the weather.  It was a Harry Potter inspired day with wand making, meet the characters (Harry and Hagrid) and the usual broomstick training and tours.  On the Sunday we went for a lovely woodland walk in the wood next to our site and we were enjoying it so much, when we got back we realised we'd been walking for over two hours (and that was with some rain for a bit of it).  There were beautiful views, mushrooms that looked like they came straight from fairyland (except for the scary couple of deadly nightshade we found, but obviously didn't get anywhere near to) and the children absolutely loved it.  I would really recommend Hexham and the stunning countryside around it for a short break.  To give you an idea, I am posting some of my snaps below:

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