Sunday, 26 August 2012

7Arts Creative Writing Workshop 7-10pm

Attended the Let's Get Creative writing workshop run by Beth Daley this evening.  These workshops will be held on the last Sunday of every month (except October) and the one rule was 'no apologising.'  Sadly, only myself and P was in attendance, but Beth is hoping that there will be more at the next session.  The first task was to write three minutes with only one word to inspire us.  The first word was evocative, the second was water and the third was orange.

This is the piece I wrote on orange:

The fruit stung as it hit my taste buds and I felt the explosion of pain in my cheeks.  I dropped the orange and watched as it hit the ground and rolled inexorably away, covering itself in the dust and decay of the remaining world.  It seemed like a metaphor for the earth and I knew I could not let it go, I had to at least try and save it.  It's purity amongst the madness of destruction was a sign of hope that I could not ignore.  Maybe I was not alone in this God-awful place.  Maybe there could be a future.  Maybe if the fruit could still grow and ripen, mabye the human race still had a chance.

Beth then showed us some pieces on nonsense and playfulness.  Shakespeare invented 1,700 words and that we shouldn't be afraid to do the same.  She also shared a piece of Dylan Thomas' A Child's Christmas in Wales and The Jabberwocky from Alice in Wonderland.

We then made up some words and gave them meanings.  Mine were:

Forgleheaded: To be forgetful, but try and bluff your way through as though you know exactly what you mean.

Lombabard (this was P's word, but I gave it the meaning): A latin dance instructors back support.

Shupalate (this was Beth's, but my meaning): To heat your footwear by the fire on a Winter's evening before retiring to bed.

We then gave new definitions to existing words.  Mine were:

Interminable: To determine to become a doctor, no matter what.

Implicate: To copy the naughty behaviour of a child.

Puddle: The incidence of a deflated cake or pudding.

The next task was to write a letter in regard to some crisis between two recipients, using some made up words.

Mine was:

Dear Mr Smith,

I am writing in regard to the jankervator that I purchased from your company on 21 July.  Upon fitting of its carisporters, the fanglesnatch would not close and now I am left with a jaker that will not vate.  As you can no doubt imagine, this is most inconvenient and I would like this situation rectified immediately.  Please could you contact my office within the next 24 hours with a new installation date and an explanation as to why your fitters did such a forgleheaded job of it the first time.  Of course, I expect this to be at no extra charge and it is within my rights to expect full conpentarterledge for this.  If I do not hear from your company forthwith, I will contact my suersage and commence lawerledge against you, though I sincerely hope it will not come to that.

Yours rambuntirately,

Mr U N Happy

We then read our pieces that we had brought along to discuss and feedback upon.

The writing challenge for the next meeting (29 September) should be emailed around the attendees the week before the workshop and should be on one of the following 'game-related' themes:

1) Write a short story following on from the letter (as above) and be as playful and imaginative as possible.

2) Your own interpretation of the theme of playfulness.

3) Whatever you wish to bring along.

I will be going away for a week, so there will be no posts on the blog until my return.

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