Wednesday, 18 July 2012

This Means War film review

This film is out on DVD to buy now and I thought I would do a quick review in case any of my followers were thinking of buying it.  The premise is that two undercover agents (the gorgeous Chris Pine, known for his excellent roles in Unstoppable and Star Trek, and Tom Hardy from Band of Brothers and Inception), who are 'grounded' due to their last case, meeet and fall for the same girl (Reese Witherspoon).  When they realise this, they agree to act like gentleman and continue seeing the girl separately without telling her they know each other and let her choose who she wants.  It's kind of a 'may the best man win' situation, but it escalates when they decide to utitlise their spy advantages with comedic results.  This is a really good family film, that is not really believable, but if you take it as the popcorn viewing it is meant to be, a good time can be had by all. A rib-tickling 8/10

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