Sunday, 1 July 2012

Bridlington Beach

Yesterday we all had a family trip to Bridlington.  We drove from sunshine at home, then through torrential rain to get there (thankfully it had stopped by the time we got to Danes Dyke) and had to keep an eye on the clouds the whole time we were there.  We started off with a picnic at Danes Dyke and then walked down to the beach, only to find that the sea was in (typical).  We played frisbee and skimmed rocks into the sea on the tiny bit of pebble beach that was left and then decided that the huge black cloud was too threatening to stay.  We drove to Bridlington and walked into the town to let the kids play in the amusements (my son particularly enjoyed the bingo, as he won the first two games in a row and then won again shortly after).  We walked on the beach on the way back whilst looking for fossils and then had a round of crazy golf (my husband, my son and I, all scored holes in one) before setting off back for home, where we encountered the torrential rain again.

You can see from the pictures below, how changeable the weather was:

Now you can see why we British always talk about the weather...........

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  1. Wow Karen, I can't believe you managed to dodge the torrential rain - it was awful here yesterday! I'm glad you had a nice time. The pics take me back to my childhood :)