Thursday, 25 April 2013

Two free Crime Writing competitions

Been given the following information from my fellow blogger Blog About Writing:

GKBC - which stands for 'giving kudos to brilliant content' - is a collective of bloggers dedicated to offering inspiring content to help writers develop their online skills.

They’re are running a free short story competition - open to anyone, anywhere in the world. Your story (max 2000 words) needs to have a crime ‘theme’ but can be any ‘genre’ (so, it can be a romance, for example, but would need to include some kind of crime. They’re not necessarily looking for police procedure/detective type crime stories).

The winning entries will be announced at the end of September.

First prize is £100 + publication on the website + an author interview + the story will be the lead story in an anthology of short stories to be published by GKBCinc.

2 runners-up will receive a cash prize and have their stories published on the website and in the anthology and then a further 7 shortlisted entries will be published in the anthology (so that will be your 'prize' if you're one of the 7.

Cremona Hotel Crime Short Story Competition c/d 31st August

The Cremona hotel in Bournemouth is running a crime short story competition (open to residents of GB and N.I) and the prize is a weekend at the hotel on a b&b basis and £50 spends (bless, that’s not exactly a fortune is it? But it’ll buy you a few ice creams!). There are runners-up prizes of £25 and £15.

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